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The F series utilizes a double reduction, helical gear arrangement that is 96.5% efficient. Housings are manufactured of Gray cast iron with large output shafts and oversized bearings. The low speed shaft includes an oil leakage protection chamber, which traps any possible leakage through the quadrilip™ seal. Lubrication oil in the reservoir is automatically directed by splash to all bearings and gears with the exception of the lower output shaft bearing, which is grease lubricated. Drive incorporates a lower self-aligning spherical roller bearing to withstand the forces of mixer service for an extended L-10 bearing life.
  • Horsepower Range: 1 to 75
  • Speed Range: 19 to 194 rpm
  • Reduction Type: Helical
Unit of Measure

Horsepower Range

N/A 1 to 75

Speed Range

N/A 19 to 194 rpm

Reduction Type

N/A Helical