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Mixers are furnished with square baseplates for mounting on open tanks or applications where a shaft seal is not required. Flat baseplates or angleriser baseplates for offset mounting are available. Gear Drive impeller speed options include 230, 290, 350 or 420 rpm.
Unit of Measure


Horsepower Range

N/A 1/4 to 5

Impeller Speed

N/A 230 rpm290 rpm350 rpm420 rpm


N/A Baseplates


N/A All Stainless Steel Mixers Coated Shaft and Impellers Sanitary Finishes Shaft and Impellers in other Alloys Stainless Steel Motors

Impeller Selection


  • FloMor™ High Efficiency Hydrofoils, Three, Four and Wide Blade Designs
  • Square and Hi-Pitch Propellers
  • Pitched Blade Turbines, Three and Four Blade Designs
  • ShearMor™ Disperser Disks, Hi-Flow and Hi-Shear
  • Folding and Custom Impellers