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Mixers are furnished with square baseplates for mounting on open tanks or applications where a shaft seal is not required. Flat baseplates or angleriser baseplates for offset mounting are available. Direct drive impellar speeds include 1150, 1750 or 3450 rpm.
Unit of Measure


Horsepower Range

N/A 1/4 to 5

Impeller Speed

N/A 1150 rpm1750 rpm3450 rpm


N/A Baseplates


N/A All Stainless Steel Mixers Coated Shaft and Impellers Sanitary Finishes Shaft and Impellers in other Alloys Stainless Steel Motors

Impeller Selection


  • FloMor™ High Efficiency Hydrofoils, Three, Four and Wide Blade Designs
  • Square and Hi-Pitch Propellers
  • Pitched Blade Turbines, Three and Four Blade Designs
  • ShearMor™ Disperser Disks, Hi-Flow and Hi-Shear
  • Folding and Custom Impellers