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Dependable & Proven - The MixMor Model HG is a rugged gear-driven side entering mixer which will provide years of continuous trouble-free service while efficiently handling a wide range of applications.
  • Horsepower Range: 1 to 60
  • Output Speeds: 420 or 280 rpm
  • Reduction Type: Spiral Bevel Gear
Unit of Measure


Horsepower Range

N/A 1 to 60

Output Speed

N/A 280 rpm420 rpm

Reduction Type

N/A Spiral Bevel Gear


N/A The frame is an all-welded fabricated steel assembly guaranteeing accurate alignment of all components. The gear reducer and shaft bearing have rabbet fits to insure ease of maintenance and concentric running shafts.

Gear Reducers

N/A All reducers are heavy duty spiral bevel. This drive is designed and manufactured specifically for mixer application. All housings are cast iron. Lubrication oil in the housing reservoir is automatically directed by splash to bearings and gears.


N/A Mixing applications have different process requirements and that is why MixMor uses a variety of impeller types. Square or Hi-Pitch propellers and three or four-bladed FloMor high efficiency foil impellers are utilized to suit the process.


N/A Mixers can be furnished with single or double mechanical seals or conventional stuffing boxes with quenching, flushing or water jacket options.